Solar Solution Size

solar solution size

It is essential to understand how to calculate your solar Solution size and not be depended on what you are told . Computing the Solar solution size is very easy and requires the following :

  • Add up all your monthly units consumed as per your electricity bill
  • This gives you total units consumed in the whole year . ( 10,165 Units as per attached example)
  • Divide the total units consumed by 365 to give you per day units consumed ( 27.82 Units per day )
  • In Pakistan thee is on an average 4 to 5 hours of Sunlight so divide the per day units consumed by this figure ( per day units 27.82 / 4 = 6.96 KWs)
  • The per day KW consumption achieved 6.96 KW should than be increased by around 30% to account for all types of loses to get the tentative solution size , which in this case is 9 KW . So this is the Solar solution required as per the consumers actual consumption.

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